What is Passwordless Identity?

Joshua Horton

Passwordless identity is the process of carrying out a verification of the identity of a software user using methods other than a password. The password will cross any other person’s mind whenever you talk about the verification process. The majority of the people are not aware of the other identification methods.

There are different methods other than a password that you can use to carry out the verification. Such methods include using biometric traits unique to every person, such as fingerprints, and verifying the possession of a secondary device. However, many people continue to adopt passwordless identities for the following reasons. Fortunately, online security experts have put together a complete guide to passwordless authentication to help internet users browse safely.

Advantages of passwordless identity

Passwordless is slowly gaining popularity as the best method to secure your account. Although many people are unaware of it, it continues to spread as time goes by. The following are the advantages it has over using a password for verification.

Creates a smoother experience

Imagine you want to open your software account, which takes 30 minutes to verify. That can be so discouraging. Anyone using the software can attest that the lengthy authentication verification process is disgusting.

Having a password for your account can sometimes be risky. You can easily forget your password. That will force you to go through the process of updating a new password. Thar could cause a delay if you are in a hurry.

Saves you money

Passwordless verification is the cheapest way of verifying your software account. That is because it is a simple process and does not require many things.

Verifying a password takes time; sometimes, you can forget your password. You will end up using a lot of data in the processing or resetting your password. That will make you spend a lot of money. On the other hand, passwordless verification is faster, saving you a lot of money.

Reduces security risk

Today, there is a continued increase in cases of account hacking. In most cases, this happens with passwords. Account hackers can access your password, making you lose essential data. According to research, most of the lost data is due to credential vulnerabilities.

Eliminating passwords by using passwordless verification makes your account more secure. It makes it hard for account hackers to gain access to your data. That is because it is not easy to change things such as biometrics.

Increases sales

Passwordless has a better user experience than other verification methods. Whether you are a business person or not, you will not only have one account and one password. An average person can have up to 100 passwords to remember. Sometimes you may forget the password, forcing you to reset it. You can imagine how challenging it is.

Resetting the password for those many software accounts can be time-consuming. Also, it will cost your business a lot of money resetting passwords. That is part of the expense, and an increase in that reduces your sales.

Types of passwordless identity

Different methods can be used for passwordless verification. Below are some of those methods.


Biometric verification uses the unique physical trait of an individual. That is because such traits are unique to every person. For example, the probability of finding two identical fingerprints is zero. That means no person’s fingerprint can be confused with yours. Also, such traits cannot be faked as opposed to a password that someone can easily guess.

One-time codes

These require the user to input a code sent to them through their SMS or email instead of clicking a link. The user repeats the process whenever they want to log into the account.

Magic links

This method requires users to enter their email addresses into the login box instead of a password. After that, an email will be sent to them with a link they can click to log in. The link is unique and cannot be similar to enhance tight security for your account. The process is repeated any time you want to log in.

Push notifications

This is the verification process through a push notification that users receive on their mobile devices through an authenticator app. You can verify your details by opening the apps.

So what is Passwordless Identity?

Passwordless identity is slowly gaining popularity compared to other verification methods. We have provided you with the information you need to know about it, but you can still research for more.