Virtual SOC: Enhancing Your Cybersecurity Capabilities Remotely

Joshua Horton

Benefits of a Virtual SOC for Your Company

Companies with more than 30 employees need a Security Operations Center (SOC). However, businesses with less than 30 employees may consider hiring SOC teams if they handle sensitive data like medical and financial information. Luckily, instead of having a SOC department in your company, you can now use a virtual SOC.

What is a Virtual SOC?

Virtual Security Operations Centers are outsourced data security monitoring and cyber threat detection systems. In these systems, data security analysts continuously survey a company’s digital space to detect security threats or suspicious activity.

Once the SOC team detects suspicious activity or danger, analysts act quickly, for example, by creating another password. Virtual SOC monitors around the clock, ensuring a safe digital space for the business.

Any business that wants to maintain an excellent security posture needs a Security Operations Center (SOC). There are various factors to consider when deciding whether or not your business needs a SOC analyst. One of them is your company’s IT budget.

Other factors that determine your need for a SOC include:

  • Your company’s turnover
  • Security needs of your IT department
  • The type of industry you’re in

Companies may choose to leave cyber security responsibilities to an external team of cyber security analysts, either partially or entirely, since their IT department has other duties to fulfill their primary business missions.

Benefits of a Virtual SOC

Besides threat intelligence, below are some reasons to consider a virtual SOC analyst for security event management.

Reduced Cost

Virtual SOCs do the same job as physical SOCs but at lower costs. With in-house Security Operations Centers, you must incur extra costs, including office infrastructure and hardware.

Security events no longer involve big organizations like banks and national infrastructure sectors like finance, communications, and defense. Instead, they are targeting small organizations like schools and small-scale companies. This makes virtual SOC a viable choice for small organizations since it is cheaper than physical SOC.

Reliable and Accessible

Virtual SOC is hosted in the cloud, making it a highly reliable, accessible, and scalable tool compared to a physical SOC. This is for incident response and security breaches.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic brought about the working-from-home phenomenon, more businesses have sought ways to hybridize work, including embracing the virtual platform. Hiring a virtual SOC analyst gives businesses much-needed flexibility in using multiple devices and physical locations.

Challenges Associated With Virtual SOC

Having looked at the benefits of a virtual data security team in preventing data security incidents, it is imperative to remember some of the challenges associated with online SOC services. In-house SOC service providers also face these challenges. They include:

  • Lack of experience with industry-specific threats
  • Possible loss of control over company information
  • Less visibility of security processes

To overcome the above challenges, avoid false positives, and have smooth security operations, you can incorporate careful planning, coordination, and communication when hiring virtual agents like Lumen Technologies. Ultimately, hiring digital data security experts will help you get the skills mentioned above. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about the above challenges as you continue with your company’s mission.