Component Source and Supply

We have been in the business of component supply for over 16 years and have established links with suppliers from all around the world.

Our reputation, professionalism and customer service speak for themselves as such if you require any trade references; please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Services we provide

PCB Design

We have access to an excellent PCB design subcontractor, who can handle all your design needs. Our design team can also assist with any design problems and fault finding.

PCB Assembly

To support our design and component supply services we also provide low volume PCB assembly of through-hole and surface mount parts (via our subcontractor), successfully giving our customers a full turnkey solution. These assembled/tested PCB’s can then be delivered to your own delivery schedules.

PCB Manufacture Quotation

To support our PCB services, we can also offer an Online Quotation for manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) again via our excellent subcontractor.

Battery & Charger Specialists

We can offer the highest quality supply of batteries and chargers from all major manufacturers (incl. GP, Duracell, Panasonic, Memorex, Ansmann, Varta and others). Our current range includes Alkaline, Zinc Air, Zinc Chloride, Silver Oxide, Lithium, Button Cells, Coin Cells, NiCd Rechargeable and NiMh Rechargeable. We can also offer the NiMh in a series of rechargeable battery packs; uses of which include Cordless Phones, Remote Controls and Radio Controlled Models (Planes, Cars and Helicopters)

Electronics for Schools and Education

We specialise in supplying high quality components and electronic kits to schools, colleges and educational establishments throughout the UK and Europe. We can schedule your deliveries around your own budget constraints and delivery timetables.
Your credit account is already guaranteed to be opened and will be opened with your first order; which is just a phone call, fax or email away.

Low Volume Kitting

With us you can be assured that we can source, assemble and pack your kits to your complete satisfaction and to your own delivery schedules. Due to our large component stocks please be assured that all future requirements can also be scheduled in advance, and deliveries adjusted accordingly.

Obsolete Component Sourcing

We pride ourselves in being able to source and supply 99% of your obsolete component requests.