SAP LaMa Benefits: Key Benefits of SAP Landscape Management

Joshua Horton

SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) is a tech solution that can help you centralise, automate, and simplify the operations and management of your Sap landscapes running in the private or public cloud, in hybrid environments, and on your premise. SAP LaMa comes with multiple benefits, such as helping to reduce the underlying costs in laaS cloud environments. As an industry leader, Avantra is a renowned provider of SAP LaMa and SAP integrations.

Read on to learn about the various benefits of SAP Landscape Management.

What is SAP Landscape Management

SAP LaMa is a landscape administration solution that helps firms increase their business agility and reduce the overall cost of operations. The solution works by accelerating fundamental business operations, automating administration tasks, and centralising landscape operations, management, and visibility.

Enabling Digital Transformation

SAP Landscape Management is designed to support digital transformation. The product can help you harness advanced and heuristic features for SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA and integrate with renowned cloud providers to support a digital transformation in your business.

Enable secure and safe operations

With SAP LaMa, you can incorporate comprehensive operating, compliance, and auditing security features in your business model. As a result, you can easily leverage logging and authorisation capabilities.

Gain transparency of landscape status and topology

SAP Landscape Management can help you gain more visibility across your SAP landscape by utilising advanced visualisation and dashboard features. In addition, the product can help you drive your organisation innovation. As a result, you can focus on cutting-edge projects that deliver results for your business.

Create steady cost predictions

With SAP LaMa, you can improve laaS budget planning and forecast by using embedded analytics. Additionally, you can lower overall operational expenditure by scheduling error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks to run independently.

Automate advanced business operations

SAP LaMa can help you automate advanced operations such as system refreshes, system replication, and performing system copies, reducing downtime during system maintenance. The product also helps improve the service quality of your business. As a result, you can meet and react to business demands consistently.

Everything You Need to Know About SAP LaMa Disaster Recovery Setup

Before running the SAP LaMa tool in the cloud, it’s essential to analyse the tool’s benefits and performance in your landscape in terms of disaster recovery (DR). For starters, SAP LaMa is an orchestration tool that applies to both cloud on-premise environments.

The product is available in two guises, namely enterprise and standard edition. Unlike the basic edition, the enterprise edition features advanced options such as cloud connectors. The connectors are accessible by all mainstream cloud vendors and allow seamless provisioning of cloud-hosted virtual machines. During a disaster recovery, SAP LaMa plays an integral role in executing ordered and pre-configured set-ups thus help save time.

Installation Patterns Used with SAP LaMa

SAP LaMa is installed inside a Netweaver Java Stack. As a result, you can use the standard installation patterns such as distributed and single systems as the product works on both patterns. However, most businesses prefer the distributed system as it takes total control over the patching of the host systems. Additionally, the distributed system helps prevent a single virtual machine outage from disrupting the Netweaver application.

How is LaMa Different from SAP Solution Manager

SAP Landscape management facilitates the smooth running of SAP systems on hybrid infrastructures. In addition, the solution addresses infrastructure complexities and offers extra capabilities such as a framework that allows automated system refresh. The product quickly deals with the intricacies of both the applications and infrastructure through a single tool.
On the other hand, SAP Solution Manager deals with the Application Lifecycle Management for the SAP systems. The product is designed to help businesses manage their non-SAP and SAP applications in a more advanced way. With this solution, companies can reduce the total cost of ownership by centralising and automating the management of the entire landscape.

SAP LaMa Benefits Bottom Line

In a nutshell, SAP Landscape Management offers businesses and customers multiple benefits. Businesses can save on infrastructure costs, conduct real-time analytics, and run business operations for productivity with this product. Additionally, SAP LaMa can offer your business a holistic, integrated view and insights into running your business.